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Labour and employment law

Your law firm for labour and employment law in Bolzano – South Tyrol/Italy

As a law firm specialising in commercial and business law, we must also provide our clients with expert advisory services and support in the field of labour and employment law.

A healthy workplace environment and culture are important prerequisites for generating productive employee collaboration and sustainable success. Our law firm in Bolzano – South Tyrol advises clients on all aspects of employer-employee relationships, including conflict avoidance, and the design of alternative solutions.

We also focus on advising and supporting our clients with matters such as

  • staff recruitment
  • termination of employment contracts
  • labour and employment law provisions regarding corporate restructuring and reorganisation

At Baur & Partner, we help our clients draw up and review employment contracts, and deal with individual and collective dismissal procedures in times of crisis.

We represent clients in the event of employer-employee disputes both in out-of-court arbitration proceedings – to resolve employment and contract disputes without litigation – as well as in judicial proceedings, including social security proceedings and those before the Labour Inspectorate.

At Baur & Partners law firm, the following solicitor experienced in labour and employment law is available for you:

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