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Victim protection – protecting the interests of injured party

Your law firm for criminal law matters in Bolzano – South Tyrol/Italy

Criminal proceedings also concern the rights and interests of victims of criminal offenses.

The solicitors of our law firm can advise you on the various legal options that exist in such situations, assist you in drafting and filing a criminal complaint, and support you during the investigation phase of the proceedings.

Should the public prosecution seek the dismissal of a case, we instruct our clients about the specific options they have to oppose this motion and continue with the trial.

Moreover, we assert our clients‘ civil liability claims in criminal proceedings and we participate in the lawsuit as joint plaintiffs (e.g. if you have brought a charge against someone for bodily harm, we represent your interests in criminal proceedings to ensure conviction and the awarding of damages).

The following solicitors experienced in criminal law are available for you:

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