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Your partner for all legal matters.

General criminal law

Your law firm for criminal law matters in Bolzano – South Tyrol/Italy

A range of situations can arise during the course of our daily life which may have unexpected private and public consequences under criminal law. We offer comprehensive legal advice in all areas of criminal law so our clients are informed and aware of the potential legal implications and consequences of their actions at an early stage.

With regard to criminal law matters, our law firm in Bolzano represents your interests throughout Italy before all lower courts, regional courts, higher regional courts, juvenile courts, and the Supreme Court of Cassation.

Our core focus in this area of law includes:

  • crimes against the person (from defamation to bodily harm and homicide)
  • crimes against property (e.g. theft, fraud)
  • crimes against public administration (e.g. corruption, abuse of authority, etc.)
  • road traffic crimes (e.g. driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, negligent driving causing bodily harm or death).

Thanks to the close collaboration between our specialist partners from the various branches of law, the solicitors of our law firm in Bolzano – South Tyrol can also assist in the following criminal proceedings:

  • urban development and environmental offences;
  • public tenders (disrupting the conduct of public tenders);
  • commercial law (e.g. contract fraud);
  • fraudulent bankruptcy;
  • corporate crimes under Decree 231/2001;
  • labour and employment law breaches (e.g. accidents at work);
  • financial crimes (tax evasion).

The following solicitors experienced in criminal law are available for you:

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