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Medical law – physicians liability

Your law firm for medical law and physician liability matters

Medicine and law have always been among the most extensive and complex sciences. It is all the more important and promising to be able to provide comprehensive and specialised advice at their interface, medical law.

From doctors and patients to clinics, physiotherapists, and nurses, all can be confronted with the enforcement of a right in medical law, in particular when it comes to liability issues arising from alleged diagnostic or treatment errors or informed consent and documentation obligation issues.

Our law firm offers specialist legal advice and medical consultancy provided by a panel of forensic doctors.

Areas of practice:

  • advice and legal assistance in case of liability claims against physicians, dentists, clinics, and medical practitioners in general;
  • advice on the legal and structural aspects of professional medical practice.

The following solicitor experienced in the field of medical law-physician liability is available for you:

Our competencies