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Inheritance law

Your law firm for inheritance matters in Bolzano – South Tyrol/Italy

Guidance on the management of succession planning

Dealing with inheritance law often entails managing assets that result from a deceased person’s life-long efforts and most heart-felt wishes. Therefore, administering the wealth built by the decedent is an extremely important task. Inheritance law provisions not only unburden estates from any uncertainties and concerns, but also create clarity and avoid disputes between descendants. On these occasions, nothing means more than having a truly reliable expert to count on. Our law firm takes pride in our personal and professional approach, making sure clients are supported by our experts in each field with our comprehensive knowledge and expertise.

We can advise you, for example, on services, such as preparing wills, drafting family agreements, and planning the succession of existing real estate, companies, and company shares.

Guidance on inheritance processes

When someone passes, heirs are confronted with corresponding legal consequences, and are often overwhelmed by them. Our expert solicitors support and advise you throughout the entire inheritance administration process.

The first step involves defining heirs and legatees and verifying whether a legal or a testamentary succession applies. Doubts often arise among those concerned, about whether they should renounce an inheritance or accept it (either under benefit of inventory, or not): our experts help provide clarity for a decision. Our assistance may also be needed when assessing the value of an estate.

Furthermore, we can take care of all the tax aspects related to successions, such as the registration of the succession statement with the competent Revenue Agency.

Moreover, we make sure that the decedent’s global estate is passed down to their legal heirs or legatees. These proceedings include liquidating assets through banks or insurance companies, transferring property rights to statutory beneficiaries, obtaining property certificates from court authorities. For this we obtain the appropriate certificate of inheritance for you at court and register it in the land registry and cadastral office.

Guidance and representation in case of inheritance disputes

Inheritance disputes are complex and require tact and sensitivity. Our expert solicitors advise and support you in any in-court and out-of-court disputes regarding your hereditary rights.

These include disputes that may arise in relation to contested wills, assertion of donations made during the lifetime of the deceased, violation of compulsory portions, or the takeover of an entailed farm (impartible agricultural property).

The following solicitors experienced in inheritance law are available for you:

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