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Indemnity and insurance law

Your law firm for indemnity and insurance law in Bolzano – South Tyrol/Italy

The solicitors of our law firm advise and support you in all matters relating to claims for damages, both in the area of contractual and non-contractual liability.

In particular, such claims arise as a result of unauthorised acts in connection with traffic accidents, work accidents, leisure accidents, incidents at private and public facilities, as well as in general as a consequence of deliberate and negligent criminal acts.

We are happy to support our clients immediately after such events occur, take care of the necessary forensic medical support, and take over the quantification and monetisation of your damage claims, both out of court and in all courts throughout Italy.

Of course, we also defend the interests of our clients in the event of claims for damages from third parties.

Particular attention is paid to the assertion of claims against insurance companies.

The following solicitors experienced in indemnity and insurance law are available for you:

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