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Guardians and administrators

Special life circumstances require us to adjust and regulate our lives; this is also true from a legal point of view.

In particular, owing to a blow of fate, a disease, or simply increasing age, the judicial appointment of a guardian or administrator for the person concerned can be not only necessary, but also useful in everyday life and for the completion of juristic acts.

The purpose of a guardian and/or administrator should be that a person‘s individual needs are addressed, their daily affairs taken care of, and their patrimonial needs managed.

With the help of a guardian and/or administrator and the transparent and judicially supervised management of the beneficiary’s assets, among other things, relatives can rest assure their family member is protected.

Our law firm in Bolzano would be pleased to support you with the appointment and processing of a guardian and/or administrator.

The following solicitors experienced in guardians and administrators matters are available for you:

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