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Your partner for all legal matters.

Commercial law and contracts

Your law firm for commercial law and contracts

Bolzano has always been an important centre for interregional commercial trade.

Today, given the continuous increase in local, interregional, national, and international business relationships, our law firm in Bolzano is the ideal partner businesses can rely on when planning, implementing, and executing their commercial transactions.

Contract law plays a crucial role, particularly given the growth in international trade, the multitude of national, European, and international law provisions, and the increasing complexity of legal transactions. Contractual partners can establish legal relationships based on each party’s legal rights and avoid conflict from the outset.

Our solicitors in Bolzano, South Tyrol, offer punctual and reliable assistance to a wide range of clients including:

  • companies
  • freelancers
  • commercial agents
  • and authorised distributors

in negotiating, defining, drafting, and reviewing all types of contract forms and terms and conditions relevant to the business relationship context.

We deal with sales contracts, supply contracts, contracts for works and services, rental contracts and lease agreements, transportation contracts, agency agreements, distributor agreements, franchise contracts, purchase agreements.

In cases of contractual disputes, our expert solicitors provide advice and both in and out-of-court support with the assertion of rights, claims, and demands against the contractual party, such as liability claims, claims for damages, and monetary compensation that may result from contract provisions, cancellation, and termination.

The following solicitors experienced in commercial law and contractual matters are available for you:

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