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Business law

Your law firm for business law

Business law is a complex and broad branch of law that applies to many areas of an organisation’s everyday business life.

Our law firm in Bolzano assists companies with every form of legal incorporation (partnerships, and public and private limited companies) but also:

  • co-operatives
  • associations and non-profit organisations

from their incorporation through to liquidation or insolvency.

Since our solicitors operate in the bilingual region of South Tyrol and master the two languages perfectly, we can assist clients from German-speaking countries in, for example, setting up a company in Italy or drawing up bilingual contracts.

Our advisory services focus on identifying obstacles and difficulties at an early stage, or solving existing problems, through sensible entrepreneurial actions. We prioritise working with clients not only in crisis situations, but also in the provision of ongoing advice, with careful and consistent consideration given to labour and employment, social security, and tax law implications as necessary.

Furthermore, our expert solicitors provide professional guidance on the legal relationships between company organs (with particular regard to managing directors of private limited companies, as well as boards of directors and supervisory boards of public limited companies). Core aspects of this specific professional area are employment contracts and their termination, as well as the liabilities of managing directors, management boards, and supervisory boards.

Areas of practice in business law:

  • incorporation and restructuring of partnerships, public and private limited companies;
  • legal due diligence (e.g. examination of the legal risks associated with company and company branch acquisitions);
  • drafting and amending company bylaws;
  • advice and drafting of business contracts and subsidiary agreements;
  • corporate governance advice on the conduct of shareholders‘ and BoD meetings, as well as the drawing-up of the respective disclosures and resolutions;
  • corporate governance advice on the relationships between shareholders, shareholder groups and the company, or on shareholder disputes;
  • legal assistance and advice on business succession planning (especially for family businesses);
  • advice to shareholder groups on business law issues associated with corporate restructuring, or family businesses on the organisation of their shareholder and/or management structure, or on changes of shareholders;
  • advice to companies on crisis management;
  • liabilities of directors, authorised signatories, management boards, and supervisory boards;
  • commercial and business litigation services across Italy.

The following solicitors experienced in business law matters are available for you:

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