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Public contracts and conventions

Your law firm for public contracts and conventions

The execution of public contracts is subject to strict legal requirements and is often challenging for public authorities and contracting companies (general contractors, skilled craftsmen, and other business organisations), as well as self-employed professionals.  With a long track record in this field, our law firm is well placed to advise you during the contract execution and implementation phase, and to assist you with the recording of reservations in the accounting register, as well as any amicable settlement procedures. If legal disputes cannot be avoided, our specialist solicitors will represent you in all instances before the competent civil and arbitration courts.

With our proven experience and expertise, we can also support you with the finalisation and implementation of all other agreements with public bodies and internal subsidiary companies and assist you with the legal assertion of your rights and interests.

Area of practice: public contracts and conventions

  • Advice on the implementation of contractual relationships, the entry of reservations in the accounting register and the adoption of amicable resolutions;
  • Guidance on the conclusion of contracts, as an alternative to measures or conventions with public bodies that may be required for the assignment of public contributions;
  • Representation before the competent courts during the implementation and/or termination of public contracts and in the case of claims for damages.

Our competencies