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Liability of public officials

Your law firm specialising in public officials‘ liability

Our law firm in Bolzano has many years of experience in all types of proceedings that take place before the Court of Auditors. The rules of procedure regarding these challenging proceedings were redefined and reorganised by Leg. Decree No. 174/2016. The Court of Auditors has, among other things, a judicial function in the area of public officials‘ administrative liabilities. Public administrators and civil servants are liable for damage to the public purse which occurs in the context of their service relationship with the public administration. When the Court of Auditors establishes an administrator‘s or a civil servant‘s liability, they can impose a compensation order for the damage caused to the public administration. The close collaboration of our solicitors who are specialised in different areas of law has enabled us to successfully defend administrators and civil servants before the Court of Auditors.

Area of practice: liability of public officials

  • In-court representation before the Court of Auditors for administrative and accounting liabilities, and pension matters;
  • Out-of-court activities and advice during the investigation phase.

Our competencies