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Expropriations in the public interest

Your law firm specialising in expropriation law

The total or partial seizure of private property for specific public purposes is referred to as expropriation. Typically subject to expropriation are real estate rights and other real property rights. The imposition of statutory easements for the realisation of public-sector projects and the acquisition of property for public use also fall under this branch of law. When an expropriation procedure is initiated by the public sector, an immediate response is important to exhaust all possible legal remedies available to protect one‘s interests. Drawing on many years of experience in opposing expropriation procedures, our team of specialist solicitors can advise you throughout the whole appeal process. Another priority area of our law firm in Bolzano is advising on all matters regarding compensation for expropriation and, where necessary, appealing before the competent authorities.

Area of practice: expropriations in the public interest

  • Appealing against all kinds of expropriation measures, including emergency seizures, before the competent administration tribunals, the Council of State in Rome and the Supreme Court;
  • Enforcement of claims for damages;
  • Contesting compensation for expropriation before the competent Higher Regional Court.

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