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Administrative penalties

Your law firm for administrative penalty matters

The infringement of a law provision usually results in the imposition of an administrative sanction, often an administrative penalty. This differs from a criminal sanction in that it is imposed by an administrative authority instead of a court. Sanctions can consist of monetary fines or, for example, the suspension or prohibition of a certain activity. Administrative penalties are provided for in almost all areas of public law, including traffic regulation infringements, environmental, landscape and construction infringements, and violations of convention obligations, to name a few examples.

Administrative penalties can only be imposed in cases expressly provided for by law, subject to compliance with all prescribed procedural provisions. If these prerequisites are not met, the imposed penalty may be challenged through relevant legal remedies. Our law firm and expert solicitors are always at your disposal when you need to inquire about the legality of an administrative penalty and assert any possible legal remedies.

Area of practice: administrative penalties

  • Extrajudicial advice;
  • Verification of the legality of imposed administrative penalties;
  • Opposition proceedings against all kinds of administrative penalties before the competent courts.

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